Technology fills up Black Friday and Cyber MondayThe discounts are highly anticipated by fans every year, the Christmas season is the time when electronic equipment, devices and other common items get discounted the most. Discounts are based largely on old items or what some call “old merchandise”, because prices rise and this merchandise are left picking up dust in the stores and the best way to get rid of them is to make mega offers that can generate revenue for the company, it’s a difficult way to get some products out but it works.

For many years technology has been one of the categories that receive the most demands for offers and discounts, not only in online stores but in physical stores. It’s amazing how many people can afford to buy an item but they prefer to wait until Black Friday or CyberMonday just to spend a little less and acquire more items, a great way to spend. Annually the number of people who buy on Black Friday is made known, but if we miss out on this special day which happens only once a year we may not get an equal offer for the rest of the year so we will have to wait till next year.

Black friday; The most anticipated day

Black Friday is the most anticipated event by both traders and customers who want to acquire items at a lower price. This year, the most sold items were weapons, this made the FBI quite curious and they began to investigate why so many people did not purchase electronic accessories, clothing or other items but firearms. All week, there were great discounts both in physical and online stores, for each day there was a different category and the last day was set aside for mega offers and discounts that we will not find at any other time of the year, only on Black Friday.

Amazon is one of the platforms that gets carried away with Black Friday, it features many offers both daily (depending on the category) and hourly. Technologies like laptops, smartphones, PC accessories, components, among others … are very popular on Black Friday. Some examples of the offers were like that of the slim Bluetooth keyboards for 24.74 Euros, USB accessories for PS4 for 15.99 Euros, GoPro cameras for 265 Euros, LG tv 55 “for 699 Euros, HP notebooks for Euros and even new generation Robots for 469 Euros.

Cybermonday after Black friday

The next Monday after Black Friday comes CyberMonday offers, unlike Black Friday whose offerings are for both online and physical stores, CyberMonday discounts are only offered in online stores, inspite of this being a great time to take advantage of every offer. If you could not decide on which gadget or wearable to buy on Black Friday I think you should try CyberMonday, the deals for Black Friday are so much more than enough that the items could not have been sold for a cheaper price, CyberMonday serves to get rid of all orders that could not be fulfilled on Black Friday.

Just like in Black Friday, Amazon is one of the online stores that is committed to making deals for CyberMonday. Technology and computing are the most anticipated categories for fans of CyberMonday, because after Black Friday we can already have notions of what the offers could be for CyberMonday. Klipsch sound bars for 249 Euros, Samsung Galaxy J7 for 199 Euros, Samsung Galaxy A3 also for 199 Euros, Lenovo laptops from 449 Euros and even Phillips with their Smart TV of 55 “for a cost of 199 Euros. Technology will always be one of the most convenient categories for sales.

Technology everywhere

Needless to say, technology is a top issue in almost all countries today, in Latin America we will see these situations in countries that are not so advanced in technology like some other countries, but are very fanatical and support the growth of technology. For this reason and many others, sales in technology is the biggest nest of the market, if you want to bet on something common you can do it by being a technology trader but if you want to be a manufacturer of new technology it is best to start by creating new patents.

Black Friday and CyberMonday are the times when you are most likely to buy technology products, accessories, laptops, wearables or gadgets, all at a good price and with deals that let you take two for one. Many manufacturers see Black Friday and CyberMonday as a period where they have to let go of all their merchandise that was not sold throughout the year.

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