Tesla’s home innovationTechnology has not only advanced in computers. It has also gone beyond smartphones, reaching to our homes, our cars and even our alarm clocks. Today we find ourselves in the era of the internet, this subject has had a big recognition because a large percentage of what we see is handled by an internal network distributing its information. The best examples are smartphones, area network with free Wi-Fi, smartwatches and smart clothes.

Innovation and technology do not have limits, that’s why they go hand in hand when a new prototype is created, or when we’re talking about the technology employed in science fiction films; holograms, ultra thin screens, autonomous skateboards, among others. Technology, along with other sciences are getting to the unknown, now they exist in our homes with new prototypes of refrigerators, ovens, and smart coffee machines. Having everything prepared for us will be a luxury we will able to enjoy; sending an order to our kitchen to prepare something while we’re working, and when we arrive home it’s ready. This is just an example of how this has arrived to our homes.

Consumption of less energy

After so many rumours Tesla has finally announced its great contribution to homes; which is the consumption of less energy in our homes as a result of the first ever sunroof created in the world. Besides this important news, Tesla has mentioned the second generation of its Powerwall; Tesla’s battery for the home. For the first time, generated solar energy won’t be wasted, with Tesla’s sunroof we will be able to store and take full advantage of solar power in our homes.

Tesla is an enterprise that has been dedicated to the development of smart cars which compete against Apple prototypes. However, Tesla has a great advantage; not everything is a prototype but a patent already available in the market. Today as one of the greatest, Tesla joins the home and energy saving technology industry which since its launch it has left by the side for a little while. Home technology posseses many advantages talking about security, products organization, and luxuries like turning off the lights without having to stand up; these features are variants of home technology.

Union of SolarCity and Tesla

One of the biggest projects ever, came about after the union of SolarCity and Tesla, to create a unique product called the Solar Roof. This product consists of a roof that has been totally equipped with solar cells to receive energy from the sun, besides this, it has been mentioned that these roof tiles also provide more resistant technology with longer durability in comparison to conventional roof tiles, they have been built to withstand different kinds of weather; strong winds and even possibly withstand the effects of a hail rain. It is one of the best projects lately to improve technology in the home and the manner in which we use solar energy.

In addition to having many processes, this roof maintains an elegant design; certainly it’s only based in a single roof tile but with different designs and equipped with photovoltaic cells that you can combine if you want an extravagant design. Its design won’t be similar at all to a conventional roof tile; even many of these designs don’t seem as smart roof tiles to generate energy through solar energy. The solar roof will adapt to client necessities, it can be installed both in big or small houses though  it has to be connected to a battery or a power supply.

Battery for home Powerwell

Tesla had already promoted a battery for the home called Powerwall that today in the same announcement of the solar roof was made to be known as a second battery generation; Powerwall 2. The new Powerwall is resistant to extreme meteorological conditions,  that is to say we can install it without problems both inside and outside of the home, depending on our necessities. The capacity that a Powerwall battery 2 contains can reach up to 13,5 kWh, Tesla has revealed that for a house of 24 rooms it could maintain power for more than  24 hours continously and be charged through the solar roof.

The home’s battery developed by Tesla has a rectangular design and it’s thinner than its previous version, the continuity for feed proportion is about 5 kWh that even reached up till 7 kWh, this battery developed by Tesla is not cheap, is estimated that the price will be around 5.500 Dollars from the December date when it will be launched. This battery has a warranty for feeding cycle of 10 years, if you are think of investing in your home this will be a great option, it´s a bit expensive but with the security of a big enterprise as Tesla.

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