The future of flexible screens for SamsungIf large manufacturers are not in constant development they will have serious problems with their rivals, we must always keep in mind that technology and science have always been in development from the smallest components for computers to large patents such as virtual reality or the current resolution of tv screens. People who love technology and information technology are always going to want to keep abreast of what’s current today, many ignore the cost that needs to be spent to stay current today, however many also compare the price-quality ratio at the time of purchasing a device.

Another alternative that companies use is to buy other small start-ups that do not have the financial capacity to follow up on high quality projects, companies like Samsung, Apple, Google and other major manufacturers have opted for that feature. Purchasing small companies, but also maintaining their core projects so as not to lose the essence of what the company started. After buying up smaller companies what they do is support one of their projects and boost it in order for it to generate higher profit, that’s what Samsung did by investing 8 billion dollars in the automotive industry.

Samsung and its flexible screens

Screens for smartphones was big news a few years back, right now a fantastic resolution is being integrated on these screens that even reach up to 4K resolution. Samsung is a manufacturer that has become very popular for its smartphones and the high quality and performance they deliver, now with the integration of such a high resolution could Samsung also add flexibility to these screens. They already did this previously but it was perhaps lacking in creativity to make it popular.

Flexible screens are not new to Samsung, and it has already shown that it has the ability to include them in its’ high-end smartphones but it needs some more creativity to impress users who have seen this technology being used in other products. Samsung began with the Galaxy Round, the first smartphone with a curved screen, later Samsung announced the Galaxy Note Edge being a design very similar to the current Note but with a curved screen and finally the Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge +, however Samsung needs to give users something different and surprising.

Samsungs’ Project Valley

According to some sources a Samsung smartphone that had a very flexible screen was made in Korea under the name of Project Valley, it still hasn’t been confirmed and announced by Samsung but many rumours have been started since May 2016 about these tests in Korea. This new device is even called fablet, a combination of a smartphone and a tablet, the device can adapt to the shape of a tablet or a smartphone, depending on how we want to use it.

Since June the rumors of this Samsung patent have gotten stronger, this new device has also attracted a lot of attention because of it’s unique design, perhaps it’s the first to demonstrate so much flexibility and performance than some others. Other manufacturers should be a little frightened by this Samsung patent if everything goes as planned, even though Samsung lost a few customers with the Galaxy Note 7 misfortune, maybe this is one of the ways it would reinvent itself for next year. If Samsung can demonstrate to the market that this smartphone is safe, it would have an advantage over other manufacturers.

Elegant design (Smartphone + Tablet)

Can you imagine having a tablet and a smartphone at the same time? With Project Valley it will be much easier than you imagine and with a very elegant design that is unique in the market. Certainly in the smartphone market this would be a very innovative news but spending a lot of money on this new Samsung project could also be a waste of money if it does not work as it should. Lately, Samsung has been demonstrating a lot of confidence in its’ latest Products in terms of performance and new technology but not in terms of quality and life span.

Another rumor is that Samsung could include not only the flexible screen but also features of a high-end smartphone just like it is doing with its’ new projects. Two processors have been tested; the Snapdragon 620 and the Snapdragon 820, it is not new news that some manufacturers are already including these Qualcomm processors in their devices which would need a RAM of at least 3GB to be able to work correctly, in addition with a non-removable battery and a slot for microSD memory.

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