The mobile market in U.S.AUnited States of America is the country where more competencies exist in the technological device market. Smartphones are one of the most developed issues by users; they recognize all the possible characteristics before buying a device, deciding to pay for an expensive one, trying to cover their requirements. There are all sorts of users in every country, but the ones who identify technological advances are more demanding at the hour of choosing any device. That’s why companies like Samsung, Google, or Apple have so many competencies in the market; to show among them, the Smartphone chose by their customers.

Technology is progressing at a great speed and U.S. is one of the American countries that often have the latest advanced technology, at least that’s what they’ve been trying. U.S. is a country where so many corporations are located; and if they’re not, they’ll find a way to distribute their devices to this country. The reason is simple; there are so many users who support technological advances and the purchase of the latest devices, until they find the one that covers all their needs and the one that adjusts better to their pockets. The competition is based on their employees. That’s why so many enterprises look up for requirements of the highest level programmers; to compete day by day against other companies.

Android and IOS the most used operative systems

The smartphone’s list with the operative systems used by the majority of U.S. users is being commanded by Android and IOS. A constant struggle is taking place to improve their user’s orders and requirements making their operative system the most employed in the country. Android overcome IOS, more than 60%, in the entire country by the 2016 February figures. Even in the entire world, Android beats IOS, becoming the most used by more users. At the end of 2015, there were well known statistics about the smartphone operative systems most used at global scale; Android has 70, 9% in the principal European markets.

The principal reason of this competition is to satisfy the necessities of many users, collecting more of them, and obtaining more sales in the market. In spite of statistics pointing out that Android is the operative system most used at global scale; it’s by the distribution of the same. Apple just distributes IOS in their own handsets (iPhone). Nevertheless, Google has lots of corporations producing smartphones, such as Samsung, LG, or Huawei, which have integrated Android and its updates according to Google releases.

Leaders of sales in the market

At one hand, we have the operative systems most used in smartphones, but on the other hand we have the smartphone manufacturers who distribute these mobile operative systems. The smartphones most purchased ranking in 2015 was commanded by Samsung with its Galaxy S6 having a percentage of sales bigger than 40% of the U.S market. After this, there is Apple and its iPhone 6 with a percentage of sales of more than 30% in the market. And in the third place, there is LG; its G4 had a percentage of sales of more than 15% in the market

Apple had dominated for many years the U.S. market sales and it was internationally known. Its low points were known, after its departure, when Google started to distribute all of its operative systems to others manufacturing smartphone companies providing a good support to these ones. It’s not a surprise that Samsung has changed a lot and it’s been the new Apple’s rival with all of its devices and smartphones. Nonetheless, Google, as a current manufacturer, propose a great smartphone quality, like the Pixel XL presented this year.

Underneath China and India

Nowadays, India gave a huge step indicating that technology is becoming a useful tool we have to use more often, and what better example than smartphones for an everyday life; fulfilling basic tasks, remembering dates and appointments. Like a personal agenda in the pocket, between other basic functions of a daily life. U.S. has been founded below two major powers in the smartphone selling market. It was in this year that India came out becoming a leader in sales, since U.S. being the second one with higher sales in the smartphone market.

It’s undeniable that China is the major power in the smartphone production and sale; however, last year China didn’t remain very well in its figures being for the first time lower than the previous year. GFK made a comparison between the 2014 and 2015 within the smartphone market at a global scale; China, in 2014, obtained 392 million sales but in 2015 this figure decreased to 371.1 million smartphones sold. North America maintains figures increasing, like in 2014 when 177, 3 million smartphones were sold and that number rose to 194.5 million smartphones in 2015; a figure that’s still increasing, but India has already exceeded it.

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