The new Lenovo smartphoneThe smart phone market is gaining ground, not only with high end smartphones, such as; the iPhone 7 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy  S7 Edge. Also, with many alternatives which feature new designs, better performances and extra-comfort for users who do not buy high end smartphones due to its high cost or because of their loyalty to other companies. There will always be competition in every continent; smartphone brands will always want to attain a high position in the smartphones sales ranking, or they simply would like to provide an excellent smartphone for their users’ needs and requirements without putting a strain on their finances.


Today, smartphones are copying outdated designs. Their only modifications are, a bigger screen, and different components to improve the smartphone’s performance. However, there are always companies wanting to introduce a new component or improve a part of their design. Recently, Lenovo has been trying to establish its’ smartphones’ battery as one of the most efficient. Maybe they’ve achieved that with this new smartphone nonetheless, it isn’t innovative enough to compete with other high end smartphones or with the ones in high demand such as; the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

Lenovo P2, new smartphone

Lenovo has re-invented its smartphone stock, and it just integrated a new device; the new Lenovo P2. Besides its new features, Lenovo brings to us a smartphone that can compete against the greats, in 3 presentations; Lenovo P2 with a 3GB RAM memory and  a 32GB of storage. And, two more presentations, like the Lenovo P2 with a 4GB RAM memory and a 32GB or 64GB of storage, including the possibility to expand it to 256GB with a microSD. This smartphone was presented by Lenovo in the Berlin Technology Fair (IFA 2016). Its price is still unknown and it’ll probably go on sale in December this year.

This new design, presented by Lenovo will operate with a Snapdragon 625 Qualcomm processor including 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53. Likewise, it’ll have by default the 6.0 Android version (Marsmallow) with the possibility to update it and a full HD screen of 5,5” inches. This new smartphone will include two cameras, something common among smartphones (front and rear) of 13 and 5 megapixels. Without a doubt, a new challenger in the market, but it’ll need so much more components to compete against the greats, such as; Samsung or Apple.

The best smartphone battery

The battery of the new smartphone Lenovo is the best in the entire smartphone market. It’s even better than the batteries of the high end smartphones, such as; the Samsung Galaxy S7 (3600 mAh) and the iPhone 7 Plus (2900mAh). Besides having a 5100 mAh capacity, it also includes the feature of rapid charging. A battery with this kind of capacity provides a longer service life; being the most relevant feature, it’ll be used as a basis for the manufacture of other prototypes. Even though, it isn’t on sale, this is the battery with the largest capacity announced so far.

According to Lenovo, its new smartphone P2’s battery will have a service life of 78 hours for  phonecalls; likewise, more than 700 hours in standby mode. This means that its the most powerful smartphone battery in the mobile phone world market. The Lenovo P2 battery has 24 watts (4,5 amps) of lithium polymer. The battery service life of many smartphones is one of the most criticized things since the existence of smartphones; some of them consume so much battery or performance and for a long time now it has been a common complaint among smartphone users. But times are getting better and the new Lenovo smartphone is the evidence.

Elegant design with a biometric sensor

The new Lenovo smartphone doesn’t have anything extra-ordinary compared to majority of the smartphones in the market. Its design is elegant; the Lenovo P2 is made with aluminum in the rear part, a 5,5” inches screen with a Jack of 3,5mm, and an even thickness of 8mm, very similar to the current smartphones. But, with the difference that its design doesn’t seem affected nor altered inspite of it having a great battery. It still retains its’ elegance with great features.

The Lenovo P2 includes a biometric sensor that works with pressure at the push of a button, and the same action is included within the navigation buttons. Likewise, this smartphone has multitasking buttons, a 2.0 USB input in the central and the lower part of the smartphone, and a loud speaker on the left side and a microphone on the other side. The aluminum that comes with this smartphone is anti-fingerprints, it doesn’t get stained with fingerprints and it’s easy to clean. The screen is made of AMOLED, very similar to other smartphones like the Moto Z Play.

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