The new smartphone for photographersMore and more people are using technology daily but with so many different users with different needs, only general patents are often created. In present day technology, this panorama has changed a little because many mobile apps have been created to assist us with various tasks,  there are apps that monitor vital signals in our body while we run, apps that help us to learn a new language, apps for daily university life such as calculators, task organizers and apps that help to improve and accelerate the instantenous manner in which we communicate with other people.

In the technology market we can find various types of accessories for whatever kind of occupation we have; Music, Photography, art, sports and many more. When there is so much development of patents in the market, there is also a lot of competition. kodak is one of the companies that has led the patent portfolio for more than 125 years. It hasn’t been enough to just create devices that improve photography, but Kodak has now introduced a new smartphone that will feature some of the things we now see on its camera, a new accessory that sets it apart from its competitors, probably this device created by kodak could be the best smartphone for lovers of photography.

21 MegaPixel Camera

There has been a big wait for this smartphone since we got to know who the manufacturer was; Kodak has decided not to only introduce a new camera to the market but to also include in it a high end smartphone. It was to be expected that one of the greats in photography would put in all of its effort and resources in improving the performance of such an important accessory of the smartphone and it has demonstrated this by integrating a rear camera of 21 megapixels, also, the design of its smartphone camera is not like the conventional ones but more like that of a professional, though it does not blend well with the common smartphone designs, it is very useful.

Kodak Ektra is the name of Kodaks’ new bet for the smartphone market. kodak decided to change its’ product scheme a little bit and get into fashion by producing a smartphone that can compete with other big brands, but its prominent feature is its’ 21 megapixel camera. A camera such as this gives a chance to Kodak that lovers of photography and technology will be inclined to buy it for its great performance and high quality pictures.

High End Smartphone

In spite of its most outstanding feature being hilghlighted by Kodak there are a couple of things that have not been evaluated by the Kodak Ektra such as its components; 5 inch screen, 32gb memory capacity, Android Marshmallow (6.0), 13 megapixel frontal camera and a processor that comes with a RAM of 3GB. Compared to other smartphones in the market which are usually recommended by Photographers, Kodak Ektra comes highly recommended not only for its camera but also for its ability to process all the information of the photos taken with its 21 Mega Pixel Camera.

A smartphone with a camera of this capacity, with mid-range or low-end components can not process all the information captured on this smartphone, not to mention that the pictures taken with cameras such as Samsungs’ 14 megapixels have a size of 5mb. Incredible but true, It is not just about a single feature being unique in a device but it is also necessary to create an environment for this feature to stand out.

Advanced Options for Photographers

It would not be enough to just have a 21 megapixel camera but Kodak has gone a step further by developing advanced features for this smartphone; Shooting adjustments, filters, photo editing, 4K quality video capture and settings that will make you feel as if you were using a professional camera. The main 21-megapixel camera will also have features such as Reflex or DSLR depending on the lightning at the exact moment needed to adapt the images and settings to the photograph. The Kodak Ektra will be released in mid-December but many of its features have already been made known and it’s going to cost about $ 550.

The features that Kodak has included in its new smartphone goes hand in hand with Snaspeed, an app for placing striking and creative filters; You will have the ability to record a 1970s video without losing image quality. In addition to this great feature Kodak includes a unique and special design, the smartphone looks so much like an old camera and It has a button to give this very elegant touch in all black leather. The best thing about this smartphone is that it’s like taking your own professional team of photographers with you wherever you go , Kodak claims that this smartphone will be all that you need.

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