The new Xbox guarantees 4K resolutionVideo game consoles have become so popular due to the fact that we do not have to spend money on new components every time a new game with new system requirements comes out, with video game consoles we incurr expenses on game disks but in return we do not have to worry about the performance of the game, it is not necessary to lower the resolution of our system or adapt our computer to the requirements that a video game needs to run, even with the minimum system requirements there will always be rendering problems. This is the aspect that seperates many video game lovers between those who use computers and those who use video game consoles.

The evolution of videogame consoles has grown a lot from the time discs were not in use but cassettes, the first generation took a very important step when launching video game consoles to the market and even the first portables. Now video game consoles have also been extended to applications such as multimedia, internet connection, virtual stores and connection to social media such as PlayStation Network, Nintendo Network or Xbox Live. The competition that exists between game console companies is very intense and still they haven’t clearly defined their unique advantage , perhaps in sales one is greater than the other but many of the present consoles have only been differentiated by the exclusive games, exclusive accessories and events that different communities in the companies host.

Xbox Project Scorpio 4K

The new game console that Microsoft presented at E3 is named as the “Project Scorpio”, considered by Microsoft as the best video game console ever which has its’ launch date for 2017. Despite being the most powerful console ever created (as declared by Microsoft), its hardware specifications is not yet known, we only  know that it will have the power to render a real 4K resolution and it is also fully prepared for virtual reality, a project in which Microsoft is fully involved.

Xbox One S was just recently announced, which makes users think that instead of spending money on buying the Xbox One S they will prefer to wait for the Scorpio Project to be released, this is something to be considered by Microsoft that it did not delay at the E3 to deliver a big blow to its competitors like Sony, however the Xbox One and Xbox One S serves as an emphasis to give time for the new Project Scorpio to be fully functional. The console is scheduled to be released by Christmas 2017, since it is still in development it has a long way to go before it can display 4K resolution and be fully prepared for virtual reality.

Powerful and supports backward compatibility

One of the big news in Microsoft’s E3 presentation was the announcement of backward compatibility which many users have been asking for a long time, not remastering a video game for it to be used with a higher resolution, but old Xbox game disks can be used without having to pay to for it. Many companies have taken on the task of rendering games to the current performance level of the console and improving the graphics then selling them at a slightly higher market price, this is the biggest complaint from gamers, the high cost of remastering cds.

At  E3 when Microsoft announced the Project Scorpio, it did not give technical specifications, it is believed that as the year goes by new components will be added, but from now we have been assured that it will have the 6 TFLOPs instead of the 5.1 AMD cards ( Radeon RX480) and slightly less than the 6.5 TFLOPs of NVIDA graphics cards (GeForce GTX 1070). Although it does not reach the desired 9 TFLOPs or 10.6 TFLOPs from NVIDIA, Microsoft says it will be ready to be the most powerful and have a true 4K resolution, the big question for many users is whether only 6 TFLOPs will be enough in 2017  to deliver 4K resolution.

The competition, PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony is yet to announce a super console that surpasses anyone it has created, it would be something that will be announced soon because the PlayStation 4 Pro is already on sale. This new console from Sony has placed in doubt the power of the console presented by Microsoft (Xbox One S), since Sony already offers a real resolution of 4K in this installment but since its launch there have already been problems with overheating on some consoles, so far there has been no known cases of refunds or withdrawals of the consoles from the market.

Sony says that this is the most powerful console on the market today and also offers a feature that we are still seeing a bit of in Microsoft; virtual reality. Sony has already released its PS VR (PlayStation VR) which enables you to use the PS4 Camera to experience the digital world, Microsoft has to live up to these characteristics if it wants to be a bestseller, already we can not wait for its’ Project Scorpio to be out in 2017 to give a sizeable competition to the PlayStation 4 Pro. Despite their differences, most users select their consoles by hierarchy or fanaticism.

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