The screen of the new Samsung Galaxy S8After the scandal of the Galaxy Note 7, there was a need for Samsung to exercise more care with its new products, the news of the withdrawal of all the Galaxy Note 7 from the market was one of Samsung’s worst moments because there was a reduction in its’ clientele and as a result of this they thought that new Samsung products might have certain features from Note 7 which could cause malfunctions and they might be right. Samsung should seek to reassure its customers and regain the trust of all those who had their Note 7 returned, even though it was a smartphone with incredible features it could not stay a long time in the market for obvious reasons.

This incident occurred because of the bad conditions in which the tests were conducted, every manufacturer must have adequate testing time for its products so that when the product is finally delivered they can guarantee their customers that there will be no faulty devices. The re-enforcement that was given to the Galaxy Note 7 was one of the best in terms of performance; 2.3 GHz c4 core Processor, 4GB RAM, 3500 mAh battery and a very elegant design. Overheating was one of the first issues that the Note 7 had, this was the primary reason for the returns and for the bad reputation that Samsung engineers began to get.

The New “Force Touch” Screen

The new Galaxy S8 from Samsung will have new features that Samsung will integrate into its new devices beginning with the new Galaxy S8 whose exact release date is not yet known, perhaps Samsung will keep this as a surprise, the only known thing is that its Launch will be in 2017. It is one of the most anticipated products for next year as Samsung has invested all of its available resources in the success of this product, however they should be very attentive to the cooling system on the device if they do not want a repeat of what happened with the Note 7.

The new screen for the S8 will have sensors which are able to detect the level of pressure that we apply on it in order to give new ideas for applications to developers. Although Samsung by now has only done tests with the Force Touch screen, it is expected that it will be ready for installation on the S8, a Force Touch screen gives many alternatives to developers and to applications that Samsung wants to create for the future of smartphone screens. Integrating this new technology into the new S8 would be a step for Samsung to implement it in their next projects, the S8 would be the first prototype from Samsung with the Force Touch screen.

A Larger Screen

It is possible that the new S8 will not suffer from any modification of the size of the smartphone, however there are certain rumors that the screen could be 5.7 ” inches and its Edge version 6.2″ inches. So far, there have only been rumours concerning the size of the screen but it is fully certified that although the screen would cover almost all of the smartphone, there will be no need of making it bigger. Also rumors would have to be confirmed about Samsung not integrating a start button on its smartphones.

4k Resolution and Virtual Reality

Samsung is still in the process of developing the Galaxy S8 screen but as it is, it’s still in development there are also many rumors about the applications that this screen will have. Sources say that if it is possible to expand the screen of the S8, it will also be possible to integrate a 4k resolution, very little can be viewed on the devices we have presently but manufacturers like Xiaomi want to deploy new screens that cover the entire smartphone. The use of 4k resolutions would be one of the new features of 2017 that we could see not only in Samsung smartphones, but also in many other brands of smartphones.

Virtual reality is one of the applications that Samsung has worked on most in recent years, the Samsung application was fully recognized with the Samsung Gear which gave the opportunity to many to enjoy virtual reality even if they did not have enough money to buy an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive kit. If the arrival of a 4K resolution screen for the S8 is confirmed, it is more than certain that it would be a very good screen for virtual reality to be used on, currently one of the surest bets in technology for the future.

Water Resistant

It wasn’t a surprise for it to be integrated into the Galaxy S8 as we have also seen this in the S7 and S7 Edge, this feature is one of the best to come to the market for lovers of smartphones and water activities. An IP68 certification for Samsung’s new smartphone is currently being worked on, as well as enabling the phone to last under water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters, but taking this a bit further they want to make sure the phone doesn’t get damaged when it is submerged. Many tests of this resistance have indicated that it will even be possible to write on the screen while underwater.

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