The technological illnessThe technology and internet are one of most powerful tools in the world, but as powerful it is and can help us for many things are also a double-edged weapon. According studies, most affected people of the undue use of internet are the young; the 96% of persons that use internet are young. As persons, unconsciously we can suffer of certain illnesses by the daily use of any kind of devices, every time we start to depend of an electronic accessory or the constant use of a social network; it might be harmful for our health though we don’t see it, it isn’t only an addiction.

Some of these illnesses begin with addiction to apps, smartphones and all that keeps you tied to a daily routine, necessary to be fine. We should beware of what could reach to be an illness by technology or the most common; an addiction to internet. The awareness is the base to avoid suffering illnesses or addictions; we must recognize it is the best tool of the world, but we cannot abuse of its power and content because we will see affected by the needing of internet for carrying a healthy life when it’s all the opposite.

Isn’t known as an illness

Many psychologist and psychiatrics only consider it as an addiction to internet or to electronic devices that can take all its attention, but in fact is much more than that, because if a kid on his early age starts to become affected, it is going to be reflected on his growing. Many studies call these illnesses as nomophobia (dependence to cell phone carried to the extreme) cyberchondria (Self-medication via internet) and the Google Syndrome.

Organizations in charge to denominate some illnesses don’t present these yet; neither the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” nor “World health organization” denominates them as illnesses and addictions of the same level of ludopathy. Not being denominated as a disorder, illness or addiction of high level is not given much importance; nevertheless this is one of the illnesses that currently occur in young people, having the needing to be with his smartphone all day, needing to connect to internet, anxiety for not being connected to internet, among others…

Beware with the smallest

This kind of illness is most common in children minor than 13 years, many times by guilty of the parents in giving a smartphone or a electronic device to a child that is anxious and have no any control to stop using the device. We’ve got to make conscience and give the example to our kids; we shouldn’t go through the house with smartphone on hands all the time, stop to do chores or not prepare the food at time just for use the smartphone, they will notice it as an example and there comes the most common mistakes.

This kind of illness is most common in children minor than 13 years

The psychologist Jose Antonio Molina recognizes that is not an outstanding illness, for that reason neither the “World health organization” had taken it too much into account, but in last years the addiction to technology has been one of the most common cases, and the highest rate of these cases comes from the abuse of using of smartphones or electronic devices such as a computer. An addiction is always a big problem and very complex to treat whatever be the addiction, the problem of this addiction is that the highest rate of addictions is on kids in process of growing and it’s much delicate to treat.

The major causative: The social networks

The social network is the biggest double-edged weapon of whole internet; a clear example is the social network Facebook which is the most worldwide visited social network and the second web page most visited in the world, the first is Google according to the Alexa ranking of 2015. Only in United States Facebook have 199 million users and more than 654 million users in whole Asia, surveys from 2015 shows that Facebook has more than 1.000 million users online per day, but in total are more than 1.500 users online and off.

The social networks really made it to reach that the users interact, share content and maintain a margin of respect, but in many cases these parameters aren’t maintained. The needing of many people to get into Facebook or another social network is to know what daily happens is in some extreme cases and is what it’s ought to avoid. In January of 2015 according surveys 3.010 million users are online in internet and at least 2.078 million of these users are online on the social networks, and to impress 1.685 million of these users log in to the social networks through their smartphones.

We need to make awareness about the using of internet or electronic devices, to avoid illnesses that later will be worst. Establish limits on the using of internet, if we’ve got children we must be careful with the parental control and the content they watch, they’re actions that can be taken to avoid a technological illness.

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