Transmit YouTube videos from your smartphone to your SmartTvFor a long time now technology has made us comfortable to a certain degree, we have machines that do unnecessary jobs for us up to the point that some companies only dedicate themselves to create prototypes that give us more comfort so that we can have everything we want easily at our reach without the need for us getting out of our sofas.

Just as we have used technology for our comfort, It has also been developed for large functions and there are machines that accelerate the production process in companies and there are others that give us easy access to platforms that enable us to work from the comfort of our home, give us certain notifications and provide us with handy tools for multiple uses.

Phones have now become this small handy device with so many functions, we need to learn how to use it and make sure that we can install applications correctly, we need to know which applications are safe to register our data on and we need to also be careful about which wi-fi network we connect to, since not all are genuine. Looking at the bright, we have in our hands a tool that brings us closer to people all over the world, that gives us access to information and news, virtual mail, instant messaging and even business video conferencing, we just have to put it to good use.

YouTube on our TV or console

It is important to have a new generation TV or a video game console that is compatible with our network connection, this is the minimum requirement in addition to having a smartphone that can run both applications and synchronize them. If our tv or console is not capable of downloading or using the YouTube application, it will not be possible to make the transmission.By fulfilling the basic requirements it will be possible for us to send actions on YouTube from our smartphone to our TV screen. Here in Vofeel we will teach you how to synchronize and transmit YouTube videos from your smartphone to your TV.

Steps to follow on your Tv or console:

1. Connect your tv and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network
2. Access the YouTube app.
3. Access the settings within the application.
4. Go to Link TV with phone
5. Scroll the options until you find the unique code in numbers, If it contains            letters it is advisable to exit and re-enter until you have it only in numbers.

Steps to follow on your SmartPhone:

1. Access the YouTube app
2. Access the options (at the top and to the right)
3. Select View on TV
4. Scroll to Add a TV
5. Select Enter sync code
6. Enter the code that was previously shown on your TV.

Finally, we only need to watch a video on our smartphone for it to automatically be transmitted in real time to our tv, it is always necessary to have our smartphone synchronized with our tv, whenever we encounter errors it is better to delete the device and add it again in case we are having bad synchronization. If any video we play is not broadcasting live we can select the option “synchronize with tv” that can be found next to the full screen button.

Error with the Wi-Fi connection

If we encounter problems when trying to connect our smartphone or our TV to the same Wi-Fi network we will not be able to enjoy the synchronization, it is important to do this step correctly. If our TV does not have the option to connect to a Wi-Fi network but you have the YouTube application installed on it you can verify the connection with an ethernet cable connected to the back of your TV (i.e if your TV has an ethernet port), you only have to connect a cable from your modem to your TV.

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