Using TeamViewer with your smartphone and PCTeamViewer has proven to be a very efficient tool for today, as a result, many more platforms have been created in which people all over the world can communicate for the purpose of work or give assistance from home, so many other alternatives that could be used are currently being developed. Imagine, being in the main office of Vofeel in China and one of our employees in Spain needs assistance with repairing a device but the instruction manual is in Chinese, with TeamViewer we could solve this problem with just an internet connection and a code generated by the software on our PC.

TeamViewer universal

Since TeamViewer became a success, its creators have been talking about expanding the platform, today TeamViewer has applications for smartphones with Android operating system, iOS, Windows Phone and even smartphones with BlackBerry operating system. This is a great feature of TeamViewer, wherever you are you can use your computer or your smartphone to remotely access another smartphone or computer in a very simple way which we will explain shortly:

Control another device (Smartphone and PC)

The steps are simple, you have to be TeamViewer installed on both devices, both the sender and receiver have to have it to make the connection and also have internet connection, those are the requirements:

1. Launch TeamViewer on your smartphone and PC
2. Enter the ID of the device you want to control and select remote control
3. Copy the authentication key from the other device
4. Paste the authentication key and click accept
5. You can now view the other device.

Note: This process is universal for all devices, but it only works from smartphone to PC or PC to PC, but not from PC to smartphone, a single process but with different interfaces.

Control smartphones from PC

As mentioned earlier you can not control a smartphone from a PC, but this rule is broken with a TeamViewer extension. If you want to control a mobile device you must install a second application called TeamViewer QuickSupport, which you can easily find in the app stores, the only problem is that it’s not available on BlackBerry. It involves the same process but with a different application for smartphones, no additional procedure is necessary because it is universal and the previous one can be used as long as the correct TeamViewer application is installed.

TeamViewer Host (Android)

This could be one of the best tools in TeamViewer and it is available for smartphones with Android operating system, something very usual because of the versatility and flexibility offered by Android in the functions of its operating system. This tool offers features for controlling the smartphone in a way that even when we do not have active features or applications such as TeamViewer QuickSupport we can still control and give support to Android devices.


Obviously, we must know the person to whom we are giving our TeamViewer ID because one way or another he or she can violate the authentication key with some software within or outside their network. If you want to give remote assistance we recommend a device with high-end features because the streaming and some functions like TeamViewer chat can greatly impair performance and functions, if you want to correctly view the other device live, it’s better to make use of a high-end device.

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