Using your smartphone as a screen for PS4 Our smartphone has become a daily tool, we use it to view food recipes, to watch TV shows, to have everything organized and even to exercise, we do not limit ourselves to use it for just one task when it has the capability of simplifying multiple daily tasks for us. This daily use has brought about some inconveniences with some people getting addicted to their phones for not knowing how to control what time to make use of it while some others get hooked to videogame consoles or some other kind of device that has created for them a daily dependence, these are common situations but quite worrying.

When it comes to simplifying some tasks, technology has long been present to help us, we have always had as a constant development the simplification of some daily tasks such as remembering all our engagements without the need of a physical personal assistant or sending text messages to communicate with other people. Some people have seen the evolution of technology as something absurd because, yes it has been of help but it has also created problems, caused diseases and many people have neglected enjoying nature or other aspects of life just to stay in touch with technology, electronic devices and most commonly, smartphones with its’ many applications and various uses.

Using your smartphone as a screen

Our smartphone can solve one of the most basic problems in our home; The need for televisions. It is very normal that we have few televisions in our homes, the most common place it’s found is in the living room where the family can gather together and watch movies, soap operas, series etc. . Using our smartphone as a video game console screen, or to watch TV series or movies could be well appreciated if we have few televisions in our home.

Downloading the Application

“Remote Play” is the name given by Sony to the application that makes it possible for us to use our smartphone as a screen for Playstation 4. If you use a Sony smartphone you can download this app completely free from the app store but if you don’t, you can download the installation file and install it manually; even if it is not a Sony device it could also work thanks to the features of the smartphone. here in Vofeel we will show you how to connect your game pads and have a totally unmatched experience with your smartphone and PS4 console.

Connect the gamepads to the smartphone

You will need to activate the bluetooth on your smartphone and likewise on your PS4 gamepad, hold down the PS and Share buttons until your smartphone recognizes it as a wireless controller and connects to it.

Adjust the connection on your PS4 console

Once you have these devices connected to the PS4 you will need to adjust the “Remote Play” connection. You need to use the option “add a device”, then copy the code that is shown on the screen and paste it in the “Remote Play” application on your smartphone and link them together.

After connecting the gamepads and adjusting the connection on your PS4, you will be ready to play remotely without anyone interrupting your game play because they want to watch a movie or serie on the Tv. In many smartphones this application does not work due to the version of their operating system or just for the simple fact of not having the components and required support to display PS4 graphics on their screens.

Control Base + SmartPhone

In many stores we can find a base which will make it more comfortable for us to embed the smartphone as a screen and attach it to the controls (gamepads), a very elegant and much more comfortable way to play than just keeping our smartphone on a table while we bend our necks to find a comfortable position . In virtual stores like Amazon, we can get these bases for a very low price, between 5 Euros to 20 Euros, an excellent accessory if you want to start using your smartphone as a screen.

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