Vofeel in Hong Kong Electronics Fairs 2016
One of the largest events of international size will debut on Hong Kong to support the electronic world, a perfect opportunity to create a linkage on your business and grow up as a company. The autumn edition that presents with the Electronic Fairs Asia makes of this two the most important fairs on international level, this year counting with more than 4100 exhibitors between the two fairs. Being Hong Kong city one of the most visited by tourists, will be a big central to the audience of the electronic fair of Hong Kong in autumn.

As all the years we’ll count with big exhibitors, but when it’s about smartphone cases we provide a big presentation; the international company Vofeel will be present on the Electronic fair of Hong Kong, showing to the world its Total-proof covers for iPhone 6, iPhone SE and iPhone 7, as well as screen protectors with very special features for iPhone. The interesting proposal by Vofeel will be present on the stand ED-D07, from October 13th to 16th.

¡New areas, new technology!

The electronic fair of Hong Kong will show its conventional areas, but beside this they added two new areas very interesting to the present of technology and innovation in smallest companies; Virtual reality zone, innovation, and start-up zone. Furthermore in almost all the years they will be present on the hall of fame, smart technology, 3D printing, robotics, unmanned technology, i-World among others extra sections not denominated as areas.

The virtual reality will be present on the new zone that Electronic fair of Hong Kong includes; the virtual reality is a topic that has been included on the last years by large enterprises such as Oculus VR, Sony, Google, among others… Giving a great impact on technology, and showing new capacities of itself, this time we’ll have the opportunity to appreciate this projects on the Electronic fair of Hong Kong in autumn.

International Orders

On the electronic fair of Hong Kong, not only is going to carry out a presentation of products, we will also be able to acquire physically the products (In the fair) or online, both in small orders (From 5 to 1000 units) to industrial quantities. HKTDC is in charge to show internationally the potential of many projects and products to promote and give enough publicity to be highly recommended on market, this is the same case that is presented for the new zone “Innovation and Start-up” of the Electronic fair of Hong Kong in autumn.

In the fair we’ll find a totally special section for the buying, we will find products as electronic accessories, security products, telecommunication products, technology for home, audiovisual products, among others… But if you’re interested on a particular product presented in the fair, you’ll be able to communicate to the stand and buy directly the products with them, or buy it online, if you wish that way.

Big advances for smartphones

One of the biggest news for smartphone lovers is that the fair will be completely full of technology for mobiles, interesting proposals as the virtual reality, smartphone accessories, total-proof cases, and some others… Nowadays the advance of new technology on smartphones is very wide and should be accredited the fairs as the Electronic fair of Hong Kong; to give to it the potential of new companies and promote its products on an international level. Another of the big advances that is going to be presented with smartphones is the drone. On nowadays they’re overcoming the limits and expectations of what we before only knew as an aeroplane toy.

Smartphone accessories have been an interesting topic on last years, but righteous now we can find power bank chargers, Bluetooth headphones, smartwatches, among others… The Vofeel proposal in this fair will be one of the most interesting; total-proof cases for smartphones. They’re common accessories but this is not the case of Vofeel. They offer to you never seen features in any other total-proof case; 3 meters underwater for 60 minutes, falling of 5 meters height, SGS certification, and all this maintaining the original design of your iPhone.

Comfortable rates for visitors

Such as will be an international fair, HKTDC was in charge to provide to all visitors discounts in specific hotels, international flight discounts, packages with companions and for exhibitors. Hong Kong besides to be one of the places most worldwide and continentally visited, counts with many and different places to lodge and enjoy of the great Electronic fair of Hong Kong autumn edition, from October 13th to October 16th of 2016.

Previously, companies as Apple were interested on products and small companies in previous editions of this fair, that’s why it’s internationally recognized as a success. One of the interests is the adapters sort USB-C that was presented the first day of the fair and on negotiation phase they obtained 5 million dollars on international orders. With the support of the Electronic fair of Hong Kong, the products of many companies are sold in at least 135 countries and regions.

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