Whatsapp no longer supports old smartphonesThe application that Facebook recently acquired is the most used app for instant messaging, other applications such as Telegram, BlackBerry Messenger or Facebook Messenger are applications that have only come close to it in terms of number of users, however it remains the most downloaded, the most used and it’s almost primordial in new generation smartphones as well as old ones. It is official that 7 out of 10 people prefer WhatsApp to other instant messaging apps, 2 out of 10 prefer Telegram and the rest have no smartphone or do not like this type of applications, however even though many people prefer to use WhatsApp  they also have other similar apps installed.

WhatsApp is perhaps one of the instant messaging apps that has the most features, it is also perhaps the one that many users prefer because of its’ speed, simplicity and security. WhatsApp has been consistent in giving support to low-end smartphones and even providing updates with new features to these smartphones but Facebook (its’ current owner) would like to expand its’ functions.

Android, Windows and Nokia affected

Nokia is yet to be confirmed but what is certain is that operating systems with Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 will no longer have support and access to the WhatsApp application. At the end of this year it is expected that Facebook surprises users with old versions of operating systems, it has also been expected that Facebook would make drastic changes with WhatsApp and this is understandable because some smartphones can only work with certain features of WhatsApp and having to restrict the evolution of Whatsapp because of these smartphones would limit its’ advancement.

Android is probably the operating system with the most downloads of WhatsApp, so it’s going to suffer a big loss with users who own their smartphones just because they want to use the app. Android is not the only one affected, we all know that WhatsApp supports many operating systems like Windows Phone, Symbian and iOS, some versions of these operating systems will also be affected by this change; The iPhone 3GS is included in this blacklist as well as smartphones with Windows Phone operating system version 7 will also be out of support and access.

BlackBerry until the end of June

From the time Facebook announced it will stop giving support and access to some old smartphones, it has received many complaints from BlackBerry users and because of this it has not yet removed support for BlackBerry devices for this year, however Facebook has not said that it would not be removed but it will give more time to owners of BlackBerry operated SmartPhones to get new ones because the elimination of this service by Facebook is total, even BlackBerry 10 is no longer supported by WhatsApp, removing support from all smartphones with a blackBerry operating system is quite a drastic action to be taken by Facebook, even new BlackBerry devices will not be supported.

Probably Facebook has many reasons to remove support for BlackBerry devices, this could be because BlackBerry is not selling as much as it should, before the revolution of smartphones with Android operating system, Blackberry was used a lot so much that its’ instant messaging app; BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) became the most used instant messaging app globally and it only worked on smartphones with BlackBerry operating system. For WhatsApp or some other cross-platform application to stop functioning on BlackBerry is bad news for its users.

New high-end features

Since Facebook bought WhatsApp we might have noticed many changes in the app, from security to call functions, Facebook wants an all in one WhatsApp, it wants to place all its bet on this app to make it the only Instant messaging app that we will need to install on our smartphone due to the additional features that it will include in it, you must have observed that Facebook has tried to include these features on its’ own app but without success because of security concerns. Facebooks’ reason for buying up WhatsApp is to improve its’ performance and safety, I advice users to exercise caution.

What Facebook wants to do sounds logical, no one expected that WhatsApp at any point in time will stop functioning for old smartphones, the downside is WhatsApp could end up losing customers because there are users who are not financially capable of changing smartphones at the moment who will simply prefer to wait for an alternative Instant messaging app to be created. Many non-smartphone users have opted to installing Android OS emulators to download and use WhatsApp.

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