Xiaomi launches Mi MixIn the market, competition is essential and big companies such as Samsung, Apple and Google are the current leaders in mobile technology, competing amongst themselves to be the most sold and most used high-end smartphone in the world. From long ago Chinese manufacturers have tried to be in the ranking of manufacturers that sell more internationally and some have had success thanks to some big companies that are now out of the market such as Nokia. The statistics are calculated every trimester of the year depending on how much smartphones each manufacturer has sold and distributed.

As usual Samsung heads the top 5 of manufacturers that globally sell more smartphones  alongside Apple that despite of not having distributed its operating system (iOS) to many smartphones like Android (Google), it has equally maintained its’ spot at the top but it is going down with time. The great novelty is that 3 Chinese manufacturers have become the world leader in sales; Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo. These 3 Chinese manufacturers have turned the world around with their high-end smartphones which are adequately boosted to compete against smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or one of the  biggest brands like the iPhone 7S which are the smartphones getting most peoples attention today.

Xiaomi’s new Mi mix.

One of the manufacturers currently positioned at the top was pressured by its competitors to create a new high-end smartphone. Xiaomi without any fear has jumped into the market with a smartphone able to conquer the likes of Samsung and even the iPhone from Apple. Xiaomi will make the launch of its Mi Mix official on November 4th in China, in other countries it will arrive a bit later but it’ll be worth the wait to see the new Xiaomi’s smartphone. The launch of new high end smartphones ahead of Samsung’s smartphones, Google or Apple is very competitive, this makes the battle for sales in the global market more interesting.

Xiaomi assures us that its next smartphones will be similar to Mi Mix, with the screen of the mobile covering 91,3% of the body, first time presented by a manufacturer but that has been put in practice in others but not in a certain grade. The innovation that Xiaomi delivered is what has now given rise to the anticipation for its smartphones, with the new Mi Mix they’ve given a big blow to other manufacturers who previously have tried to cover up the large part of their smartphone’s body with the screen, nevertheless Xiaomi was quicker and on November 4th theirs is going to appear in the market.

Elegant and unique design

There’s no doubt that engineers from Xiaomi gave their all to create an elegant and unique design for the market, it covers up more than 90% of the smartphones’ body with the screen and the fact that it doesn’t have frames is a never before seen innovation, It is very similar to smartphones we see in movies or futuristic TV series. In spite of many people comparing it to a similar design of iPhone 7S, it’s important to highlight that Mi Mix is a bit heavier (209g) than its competitors (Pixel XL, iPhone 7 plus, S7 Edge) but is much bigger and covers up a large percentage of the screen but with similar dimensions to the Apple smartphone (iPhone 7 Plus).

One of the reasons for which Mi mix has delivered a great impact in technology is because it has not copied the same factory system that other smartphones have with respect to design, currently smartphone manufacturers only create mobiles with bigger screens and increase the components and their functions, such as is the case with Samsung who have now made it a practice with its generations series (Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S or Galaxy Note). Still the future of smartphones isn’t known but many people recommend that an opportunity be given to Xiaomi with its Mi Mix to see what the future has in store for them in the market.

High end Smartphone

The features that Mi Mix posesses are previous features of a high end grade, we hope that what happened to Samsung wouldn’t happen to Mi Mix whereby creating a powerful device proved to be dangereous for the clients. It was announced that the new Mi Mix of Xiaomi includes a Snapdragon 821 processor of 2.35 GHz, with NFC connectivity, cameras of 8 megapixels (Frontal) and a back camera of 16 megapixels, besides including a long life battery of 4.400 mAh integrated with a quick charging system.

Xiaomi will also introduce to the market a gold version that has 6GB of RAM and an internal storage of 256 GB; one of the most awaited alternatives in the market, a mobile of 6GB of RAM memory is synonymous of a response speed highly assured by a price of 540 Euros. For those who prefer not to have a very extravagant mobile, for only 475 Euros you’ll be able to buy a Mi Mix of 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internet storage. Xiaomi includes features seen previously in the products of other manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple, but the quality that each one offers is high, almost the double in internal storage and 2GB less of RAM.

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