YouTubers experience overheating of the PS4 ProFor some months now we have realized that many companies have not really taken up the task of reviewing and testing their devices before launching them, the first known case of overheating this year was with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, these smartphones overheated so much that they began to explode in the hands of some users. This was due to the little patience that the manufacturers had, these electronic devices need to undergo series of tests in order to identify faults and make improvements, because time was not dedicated to this aspect and they were only thinking about releasing the product to the market, these errors began to appear in the long run.

Since its release to the market and its anouncement in important congresses like the E3, the PlayStation 4 Pro has become very interesting and popular for its’ 4k graphics resolution, nevertheless despite Sony creating such a powerful console had not thought things through before launching it. One of the distinguishing features of the PS4 Pro is its’ compatibility with the new PS4 VR. Sony, betting on the future of virtual reality had designed a virtual reality helmet that works in conjunction with the PS4 camera to create a virtual environment like the Oculus Rift, HTC Live and the Samsung Gear. Sony was a little ahead of itself and followed the example of many manufacturers which it did not have to follow.

Youtubers experiencing overheating

Many YouTubers are dedicated to showcasing new technology and what better way to do this than broadcasting a live stream of how the new PS4 Pro functions, just like they do with the premier of videogames or to advertise some companys’ product. It is not a novelty, even those that are considered to be YouTubers are the ones that make this type of streaming and they reveal to us tricks, what to  expect and the characteristics of consoles in exchange of visits and followers for their YouTube channels. Some do it for pleasure, others for popularity and others do it for money, whatever the reason is, they showcase new features daily.

The user who got the big surprise was angelysaras while testing a remastering of the popular Call of Duty (COD: Modern Warfare), his PS4 Pro broke down during a live stream and he was so frustrated to see that his console got damaged in just 7 days and that Sony lied about its video game console being the best in history. Angel (angelysaras) had to loan another PS4 in order to continue with his transmission and finish what he started, however he will have to send his PS4 Pro back to Sony for a refund since his console did not come back on after the incident.

NextGen Specifications

The new generation of video game consoles are things that Sony and Microsoft have taken very seriously, both in terms of resolution and performance. The specifications of consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S are so high that it is still being considered if there are enough components to keep such high performance for the long term, with the intention of avoiding what happened with Samsungs’ Note 7.

Certainly the PS4 Pro maintains the same 8GB RAM as the PS4, but Sony claims that this is not a change of generation but an improved console from the PS4. An 8 core processor that comes with AMD x86-64, one of the most current graphics cards in the market of 4.20 Teraflops AMD and a memory of 1TB, however most of these features in computers of the latest generation are not very good, but the difference is that state-of-the-art computer companies have mastered how to control overheating and this may be the first time Sony is encountering  a problem like this.

To withdraw products from the market?

This is the big question that Sony should ask itself , should they withdraw their product from the market and wait to relaunch until they have verified and approved how long a Ps4 pro can last, maybe Sony rushed to the market because its rival Microsoft launched the Xbox One S and announced Project Scorpio but it should not have felt pressured to release a console to the market that perhaps had not been tested.

One of the biggest complaints is that the PS4 Pro does not have a Blu-Ray player, how can it be possible that a new generation console that offers 4K resolution does not have a Blu-Ray disc player, Sony’s reasons are that they prefer that everything is done via streaming so as not to damage the readers or expose them to suffer damages caused by bad discs, this perhaps could be unwise on the part of Sony since its rival has got this in its’ new console and It is completely sure that everything works.

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